Dear Clients

With the increased spread of Coronavirus I have decided to take the time to let you know that our practice understands the impacts this may have on your lives, the disruption that may be experienced and the potential anxiety that may be personally felt. This is a very normal and understandable response to such a large-scale and serious health issue.

As a family-owned and operated business, helping hundreds of people in our community every day, we are also immersed in this with you! We believe that a fact-based, informed and empathic response, in the face of such events, equips us to get through this in a grounded, commonsense and kind way so that we can continue to provide valued psychological services to our clients and community in general.

Over the next days and weeks I will endeavour to personally check-in with you and discuss how you and your family/friends are doing during this difficult time. If there are any specific questions especially related to mental health issues or even family, work or societal issues you have concerns with please feel free to raise this with me in-session.

We have had to consider and implement changes to the way we have been operating to keep in step with a quickly changing environment.

As many of you may have noticed the reporting and updating of official information is constantly revised/updated. Consequently, there may be more changes to how we operate as official advice is updated – please stay updated with Government Advice – see

As of Monday 16 March 20 we are implementing the following principles in our practice and with our client/patient interactions. Hopefully many of them have a commonsense element to them.


Frequent Hand washing : I will personally be implementing this myself Also:
  • Our bathroom facilities downstairs (end of corridor on Level1) has hand soap dispensing facilities and a hand blower dryer. We would like to encourage all of patients/clients to follow common guidelines and to wash your hands more frequently, especially before and/or after your session.
  • I will attempt to provide hand sanitiser (where logistically possible), but would also encourage patients/clients to carry their own personal-use sanitiser.


Social distancing : We will be implementing a more prudent approach whilst still providing a respectful, empathic and positively affirming counselling experience. Some practical changes:
  • No handshaking – Whilst it is a social habit of mine (and most Australians), I will implement this in our personal interactions. Hopefully greeting you using “words only” are sufficiently warm and welcoming.
  • Keeping 1.5 m’s social distance – In almost all cases I already do this, but please be aware that I will consciously try and increase my vigilance regarding this.
  • No Eftpos transactions using handheld Eftpos Machines – We will be changing our payment procedures to eliminate the need to use payment cards (and a hand-held machine that requires card insertion and a pin) in our practice. We already have your card details stored on our Practice Management Software which will be used by myself to process your payment without the need to physically interact with cards and eftpos machines. If cards need to be updated or changed we will do this directly onto the system.
  • Dispensing of tissues – Whilst we know this is a sensitive issue and are careful not to offend, it’d be appreciated if you could ensure that you remove any used tissues from the consulting rooms after your session. We will provide portable dispensing facilities as soon as is practically obtainable/implementable.
  • We will no longer accept any paper-based Mental Health Care plans or any other referral letters/documents. Our practice manager will work with you and your referring institution to get this documentation to us via alternative electronic means.


We advise that you follow State and National Government advice and updates from the Prime Minister/ Chief Medical officer. We will be taking steps to implement the latest advice and ensure the health and safety of our valued patients/clients and practice staff.
Some practical implications:

  • If you become unwell with coronavirus you should follow appropriate medical advice and self-isolate. Practically this means that you should not attend face to face counselling sessions at our premises. Please contact us (Alida our Practice Manager at mob: 0431 984 495) to advise us of your situation and to discuss possible alternatives which does not require in person counselling.
  • If you have been overseas and have entered Australia on or after Mon 16 March 20, you should self-isolate and not attend face to face counselling sessions at our premises. Please contact us to advise us of your situation and to discuss possible alternatives which does not require in-person counselling.
  • If you have returned from being overseas recently (before Mon 16 March) and have flu-like symptoms or are unwell, or reasonably expect that you may have come in contact with the corona virus (especially if your travel was to corona virus hotspots like China, South-Korea, Iran and Italy please contact our Practice Manager Alida (0431 984 495) to discuss practical considerations or alternatives. Please do not attend in person counselling at our offices if you have not spoken to our Practice Manager first.

Thank you for your understanding in these challenging times. Together we will all have an opportunity to assess our lifestyle habits and make changes for the better where needed. This is also a time for us to grow as individuals as we face these daunting challenges and to be there for each other. We look forward to continue working with you as we have in the past

Kind Regards

Lennard La Grange

Director and Principal Psychologist