Can I still attend my face to face session in view of the COVID restrictions?
In view of the government’s latest announcements(23/3/03) where new restrictions are in places for businesses, we are pleased to confirm that psychology services are considered to be an ‘essential service’. This means that we are open for business. At the same time we are taking all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of all our clients and personnel.

Do you offer counselling in any other languages?
We offer counselling in Afrikaans and English

Do you have to have a referral to come for counselling with a Psychologist?
No you do not need a referral to see a psychologist. You can just contact us directly to discuss your needs or make an appointment

Do you charge a booking fee?
Yes we charge a $20 non refundable booking fee to secure an appointment with this practise. The deposit is then deducted from the first session’s fee.

Do you work with Children?
We only work with late teens (17 yrs old plus) and young adults. Our main counselling work is with adults.

Are you open after hours or on weekends?
We see clients from 9am during the workweek and after hours on most weeknights and Saturdays between 1030 and 1430.

Can I make a booking on behalf of someone else?
Yes you can but since the person who is going to attend the session needs to be committed to the process we will need to make direct contact with the person who you are making the booking for. We prefer to have a phone conversation beforehand but depending on the circumstances an email or text will also suffice.